pathmap is an application designed to support wellness practitioners interpret pathology results. The brainchild of nutritionist and medical consultant, Rachel Arthur, pathmap links a body of work about the detailed interplay between different aspects of pathology, biochemistry and nutrition to provide holistic insights into the patient’s condition. Like many laboratory results, pathology are generally used […]

Giovanni_s Guide to Saving the Planet

This book was commissioned by the Sydney Morning Herald based on the radio work I was doing with the Generator. It combined a directory of services, tips and hints for living sustainably with useful research into the relative impact of various activities on climate change. The foreword, written by Professor Ian Lowe, reminds us that […]

Cry Me A River

Cry Me A River is the account of one man’s journey to the heart ofAustralia’s water crisis. A lifetime engineer in the water industry and successful businessman, Steve Posselt put everything on the line to paddle or drag a kayak from Brisbane to Adelaide down the full length of the Darling and lower Murray so […]