Business Code Computing Geoff Ebbs Own Tool

Using StoryLines

Storylines is a subdomain of the Ebono Institute website that provides an alternative way of seeing the projects undertaken by the Institute.

Select an item from the left menu to see its related articles which are linked on the right.

Select a project from the left hand menu to see its relationship with other projects in the database.

The projects with the deepest relationship are displayed around it, with the most significant project being at the lower right and then moving anti-clockwise around it.

The colour coding is explained in the key at the top right hand of the middle panel. At the moment the only active colour coding is the selected creative. Geoff is purple, Al Gore, Ted Nace and Christopher Alexander and their works are coloured red, leaf and light green respectively.

At the moment all relationships are considered together. The interface is designed so that you can filter the projects under consideration and the relationships that should be used to select other, relevant projects. That aspect of the interface has not yet been implemented.

Hovering over each project highlights the summary in the right hand panel.

The summaries are linked through to the article on the Ebono Institute website.


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