Just to show that we are almost human here are some of the nerdier rabbit burrows that we have found ourselves in during recent times.

Tesselated Pentagons

Hand drawn, tesselated pentagons showing square tiling options

Tiles are generally square, or rectangular. Other shapes can fill space, though. Think of the hexagonal cells that make up the waxy comb of a beehive. It turns out there are a seriously limited number of pentagons that can do the same thing. They are not regular, like squares and hexagons, but they not only fill space, they do so by forming irregular hexagons and can be divided up into a series of squares.

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Chime: Text is dead

Links to the PDF, Soundfile and video of the live presentation

A multi-media approach to a post text interface for the network

Photographic mosaics for art in public space

The lowest resolution that the eye will tolerate can be fitted into a 3.6metre square

A commercially viable tiling system that can create photographic mosaics at affordable prices for public space. This system uses commercially available tiles to present your photograph on large walls. Areas larger than 5m x 5m produce the best results. This image is prepared for a 3.6m tall wall and is at the lower end of acceptable resolutions.

Can we solve your puzzle?

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