Most of our clients come to us with problems. A key staff member has left, sales are down, the owner is exhausted or overworked.

Some of our clients come to us with a great idea that needs development. Climate Friendly saw the advantages of carbon trading, Europress International had developed a very neat compression technology.

They come to the Ebono Institute because of our reputation for clear thinking and integrity that produces incredible results.

Talk to these clients about the work we have done.

John Bailey

Award winning author John Bailey is exploring the world of Australia’s explorers and bringing them into vivid focus for modernAustralia. With film rights recently negotiated for his work on John Stuart, we can expect to hear more of John Bailey.

A long term client of Ebono Institute, John Bailey is an author who prefers to concentrate on writing and speaking and let someone else manage his web presence. While relatively low key, the site is extremely simple, easy to maintain and prominent in search engines.


Ebono Institute invested in and totally revamped this inner-city magazine, built up the online presence into a viable business and then printed 12 monthly issues in print runs of 10,000 over 2014.

The print edition never made money but the online edition remains active three years later without further guidance from the Institute.

ith a background in television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers and stage, Ebono Institute can help you realise your creative vision, or bring the creative sizzle to your project.

The Generator

This popular radio show started life on Bay FM, then became a weekly environmental news broadcast on the Community Radio Network. The Generator News now appears weekly on Monday at Midday via 4ZZZfm in Brisbane.

You can catch up or down load the news from the Cage podcast at

It also serves as an important archive of the last six year’s environmental news, much of it not available anywhere else. Now maintained single handed by Neville Gilmore, The Generator is worthy of your attention and support.

Past clients

Many clients start with a website designed and built by The Ebono Institute partners or or an upgrade or extension to a website that is not building the busines.

Rachel Arthur Nutrition

Rachel is the doctor’s naturopath and the naturopath’s nutritionist. Her unique approach to clinical practice has garnered the attention of both medical and healing professionals. By providing a logical and holistic approach to nutrition and illness, Rachel has turned heads and is making an impact across general practice, naturopathy and nutrition.

Our initial job for this start up company was to establish a web presence and a brand that gave them the right focus in the market place. As part of that initial website we created a simple e-commerce approach that allowed clients to buy copies of papers presented by the principal, Rachel Arthur.

Some years on, that requirement has expanded into a fully fledged communications tool that provides a premium newsletter, forums for doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths, support for an ongoing seminar series and access to audio visual presentations, books, CDs as well as the original papers.

Ebono Institute is now working with Rachel Arthur Nutrition to build on the professional expertise to create a multi-tiered approach.

Australian Nougat

The team at Eumundi follow a traditional French recipe and use pure, fresh, local Australian ingredients to deliver a top class product that is a favourite with those who’ve tried it.

Another small business with a website that had no mechanism for generating revenue. As usual, the initial response was to add a thin e-commerce layer to the site to begin earning money from the web-site.

That money is now being ploughed into a more sophisticated site that will address the requirements of the core business (wholesalers) as well as the retail customers from all around the world interested in Australian, handmade nougat using pure local ingredients.

Online marketing using social media will form a major part of the growth plans for this company.

Danny’s Knitwear

After 35 years at Melbourne’s Victoria Markets Danny Lewins has been joined by his son Ariel who has taken the business online. With a larger range of Australian knitwear than most department stores, this two man, family business is now reaching out to its customers across Australia and the world, through its website.

A classic case of a small business that had invested in a website without any mechanism for making a return on their investment. The initial response was to add a thin e-commerce layer to the site to begin the process of earning money from the web-site.

Once regular revenue was achieved, it became clear that online marketing and profile building was required to allow the site to grow on its on rather than simply provide a service complementing the presence at Melbourne’s Victoria Markets.

The site has been revamped and the first stage of that marketing campaign has been launched.


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