Customer Needs

Clear communication requires clear thinking. Once you have a clear understanding of your business, you can communicate effectively online, on air and in the street. We use this approach to deliver social media, video, audio and traditional media solutions for our customers.


Annie Leonard at the 2011 conference
Check the rough cut of the ad we are doing for Sustainable Engineers

The key is simple – straightforward, clear concepts are:

  • easy to remember,
  • resonate with customers and
  • generate repeat business.

As Einstein said, if you can’t explain it to a twelve year old, chances are, you don’t understand it yourself.

Also, no sale can take place if the customer is not aware of your offering.

  • Spread the word.
  • Understand who you are
  • Be clear about what you sell

Ebono Institute regularly edits audio and video for its clients – making advertisements, online content and promotional material.

One of the great things about getting a clear understanding of your business is that you will see an instant improvement in sales, morale and customer satisfaction by the renewed focus on your core business.

  • Know your customer
  • Put your message where they are
  • Meet their needs

With a clear understanding of what makes you unique and who cares, you can get on with the key business of doing what you love to make a real difference.

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