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Managing director, Geoff Ebbs, founded Wide West Media in 1992 to build new media networks and online solutions for industry associations and publishing companies. He wrote the best-selling Australian Internet Book which saw four editions and was followed in 1999 by Living on the Web for Dummies, just in time for dot com crash. The content management system Proton, developed in 1995 became Mambo which  forked and went open source in 2002 as Joomla.

In 1996 he established Metadex, an indexing technology designed for online content, which was one of the few elements dropped from Proton when Mambo was launched.

After three years as publishing director for Woodslane, publishing management books and building production systems for electronic publishing, this content management experience was refined into a powerful marketing and sales approach that is systematic, measurable and successful.

The Ebono Institute was established in northern NSW to provide online marketing and communication services using Joomla for artists, writers, community organisations and companies dedicated to building a better world.

By bringing this pioneering focus on content, strategy and sales to the purposeful intent of the Ebono Institute, we can offer a powerful solution of bringing success to businesses who want to go beyond profit.