The economy is headed for a perfect storm. The environment is creaking under the strain of six billion humans. Your children are going to do it tougher than you.

We all know what the solution is, but we have not been able to see clearly how to implement it in a world stacked against us.

  • Our governments support corporations at the expense of small business and communities.
  • Investors favour exploitative opportunities that provided a quick return, undermining the long term, productive economy.
  • Customers are led by a compliant media to buy poor quality products on the basis of price, even though it costs them more in the long term.

There is plenty of reason to worry.

The solution is simply to work together, to create what Richard Heinberg calls Lifeboats.

The Ebono Institute works with small businesses to maximise sales, release profits and network with other companies putting principle before profit and creating the solution instead of compounding the problem.


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