Your business processWhether your problem is poor sales, a lack of capital, an overworked owner, a poor location, the failure of a major supplier or partner or simply a poorly designed business model – you are going to have to make some changes to get things unstuck and on track.

Planning change so that it can succeed and managing it so that it does is a challenge, even for the experts. Trying to engineer change while you are running your business and being the expert on which the business depends is almost impossible.

We have a range of tools to help you plan change. We work with partners who have expertise in change management to help you implement those changes.

Binary Cube Analysis

A unique development engineered by the Ebono Institute at Woodslane in 1999 and refined over the last decade, Binary Cube Analysis is designed to convert a list of business problems into a plan through a half day work shop.

By taking any set of three binary (yes/no) options, and arranging them in a cube, you can map out the most sensible path through that set of options. By carefully arranging all the options in front of you into appropriate groups of three, you can form a plan that allows you to minimise the cost and maximise the return on your investment in change.

Deceptively simple, the fundamentals of binary cube analysis are explained in a four page pamphlet. By thoroughly following the steps it outlines you can achieve the same results that our facilitators do at a fraction of the cost.

If you are busy, though, you may prefer to have our support.

Change facilitation

The biggest challenge in changing any business is the resistance to altering the corporate culture. People who have been complaining about their job for years will suddenly defend it when someone attempts to change it for them. If they are appropriately involved in designing the change, however, you get the best of both worlds. The business processes improve and the staff enthusiastically take on the difficult task of addressing the detail that prevents the change derailing the business.

Experts in change management can provide guidance to your staff and additional resources, if required, to help you manage the change in your organisation.